Renewable Energy - Solar Photovoltaic

Renewable Energy - Solar Photovoltaic

The objective of our work in Renewable Energy - Solar Photovoltaic is:


  1. To support Government and contractors, address the nations energy requirements by moving towards clean, reliable, secure and competitive energy supply, with solar power at its lowest in price per MWh/kwh.
  2. Reducing the upfront costs of a solar photovoltaic plant, essentially a 40 year resource. 
  3. To develop and implement strategies that will develop the sector in sub-Saharan Africa to international best practices, showcasing viability for wider private sector participation.
  4. Contribute to the governments plans of energy diversification, with a source that is stable and sustainable, whilst supporting energy security. Solar energy provides a condusive enviroment that supports entrepreneurialism, SME's and the business community as a whole, directly and indirectly creating jobs and supporting the economy.
  5. To plan and execute an integrated programme on development and deployment of solar energy technologies to achieve commercialisation. Either to own, operate and manage, or to operate and manage as an agent, both grid connected and off-grid / distributed.


iEcoAfrica Solution:

  1. An award winning international technical partner with its West African headquarters in Accra, Ghana. Who can build large scale solar plants – contacted to the grid - and deal on Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) basis on multiple locations. 
  2. A track  record of completing nearly 1GWp of solar plants, including Hybrid solar systems in Africa 
  3. Our partners are prepared to negotiate anything up to a 25 year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) at the most competitive price per MWh/per kwh. 


Note: The technical partner engages local communities as part of the operations to create training and employment opportunities for local content purposes. iEcoAfrica supports the technical partner to distribute the projects net positive impacts to constantly improve the quality of life in communities in and around its operations. 

We can also provide access to structured finance for renewable energy projects and training in Solar Photovoltaics. Contact Us for more information.