Affordable Housing/Smart Cities

Affordable Housing/Smart Cities

The Objective of Affordable Housing is:

  1. To promote community wellbeing through better provision of housing to meet diverse community needs. 
  2. Stable, affordable and accessible housing is critical to helping people live independently and improve life opportunities related to

a.      Family, work, education, health, recreation and other pursuits. 




  1. Appropriateness and affordability are specific objectives integral to the success of affordable housing. Appropriate housing meets the needs of residents in terms of size, physical attributes and location.  Accommodate the daily requirements of residents, and allow sufficient space and privacy for all. 
  2. Affordability refers to housing costs that are reasonable in relation to income. To promote a range of housing that is affordable to households of varying financial capacity.

a.      Including an adequate supply of housing that is affordable for very low, low and moderate- income households, 

b.      or those who are most likely to be having difficulty accessing affordable housing on the private housing market.


iEcoAfrica Solution:

  1. A globally recognised technical partner  with more than 50 years of experience and recognition in the construction industry. 
  2. Responsible for delivering infrastructure products, construction and human resources throughout the project lifecycle. They specialise in fibre cement, concrete, polythene, styrene and aluminium. With presence in more than 18 countries of America. 
  3. The company counts on 3 production plants all with triple certification of its System of Management in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, synonymous with quality, innovation and service. 
  4. Product portfolio supports inclemency, resists plagues, humidity, fire and can be used in the construction of inner and outer walls, ceilings, bases of ceilings, floors, mouldings, residential facades and units for the construction of emergency shelters, schools, health centres and field homes. 



Note: The technical partner engages local communities as part of the operations to create training and employment opportunities for local content purposes. iEcoAfrica supports the technical partner to distribute the projects net positive impacts to constantly improve the quality of life in communities in and around its operations. Our partners have a strong track record of delivering large scale construction projects.

We can also provide access to structured finance for affordable housing/smart city projects. Contact Us for more information.