Safe water hope for slum dwellers

Published: July 25, 2017
Safe water hope for slum dwellers

Attempts to deliver safe water to people living in some of the world’s poorest slums are falling at the final hurdle, according to research led by Lancaster University.

The team has been conducting research in slum communities in Bangladesh and Tanzania since 2013. This work - supported by ESPA - aimed to understand why water is becoming contaminated in the 'last 100 metres' before it reaches households, and to find ways of resolving the problem. In this new phase of their work, funded by the British Academy, the researchers are evaluating a range of approaches to improving sanitation and reducing contamination of treated water in eight communities in Tanzania and Bangladesh, to see which approaches are the most effective.

The research findings will be used to inform government and NGO policy; to transform infrastructure and practice; and to make a huge difference to the lives of millions of slum dwellers around the world.

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Image credits: Women at standpipes, courtesy Asian Development Bank; aerial view of Dhaka, Bangladesh, courtesy Bread for the World.