About Us

Our objective is to grow a network of sustainable business and projects in Africa. We seek a diversified group of global actors and entities who have an interest in and experience of work in Africa. We combine our skill as experts in communication, development and finance to develop projects that create collaborative economies, whilst bolstering social protection.  Our operational ethos has two modes: an equity interest that weaves our shared vision, expertise and full range of resources into one over the medium to long-term. Alternatively, contracted operations that provide immediate capacity to achieve a range of tasks, over the short-term. Our team and experience are complimentary diverse, established in 2012, iEcoAfrica is a business registered and operating in London, UK and Accra, Ghana.

Jean-Marie Nibizi

Director - Burundi

Jackye Govaerts

Technology Officer

Ludovica Iaccino

Communications Officer

Linda John

Project Manager

Anita Nzeh


Norman Amidu

Sustainable Development Consultant

Wahab Abdulai

Youth Coordinator


Centre for Policy and Education

Sustainability Development Consultant


Richard Nkrumah

Environment, Water & Sanitation Researcher

Eugene Agyei

Climate Change Researcher

Executive Sales


Head Business Development